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"As a juggler and comedian he is unequaled"

Entertainment Director,

Universal Studios





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Science of Juggling Program FAQs



How long are the programs?

Usually 40-45 minutes. The shows and workshops are designed to fit within a standard class period with time to get seated and a Q&A session with the students and performer afterwards.


Are the programs appropriate for students at our grade levels?

The content and vocabulary of the shows adjust to match the level of each audience. For elementary schools more time is spent on the laws of motion, and for junior high and high schools there is more focus on mathmatics and the learning process. The juggling and comedy writing workshops have something for all ages -even parents and teachers!


How much do the school programs cost?

Rates vary depending on the type and number of performances you need. There are discounts available if you book with other schools in your district and some programs have potential to be funded by Title 1 programs.

Additional travel fees may apply outside of California.


How much space do we need for the programs?

An indoor space (auditorium, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, cafetorium) with seating and high ceilings is preferred for shows. Workshops require a clear open space: a gymnasium or classroom cleared of desks.


Can you do evening shows?

Yes. I can do a special show for Family Nights and Science Fairs.


How many performers are there?

Just one performer, Jeffrey Daymont, and his wife Amber as backstage crew or workshop assistant.


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. While the programs are very safe and low-risk we are still prepared for the unexpected. A copy of our insurance will be available for your files after booking the program.


Do you have a political connection or agenda?

No. The goal of the programs is to teach basic science principals and juggling skills. How you apply this knowledge is up to you!


Do you have any tips on making the best assembly experience for our students?

Yes. Click on the link to the left to read or download tips to get the most from any assemblies you bring to your school.


How do I book a program?

Connect to this Inquiry Form page to get started.






Click on the Link Below for Tips on Making All of Your Assemblies Great!





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Jeffrey's informative juggling assembly was everything we had hoped it would be.  Our middle grade students were both delighted and engaged with both the entertainment as well as the academic concepts - especially the instruction on parabolas as they have been studying this in class.  Thank you for your dedication education, Jeffrey.

Diana Naley, Office Manager

Beatitudes of Our Lord School

La Mirada, CA





 Booking your assembly!